Welcome to samuraisevenbikers.forumotions.net. This is a page where Samurai Seven Bikers Brotherhood could interact. We invite everybody who has keen interest in bikes to join our website.
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Selamat Datang ke Samurai Seven Bikers Brotherhood... Sila lawati Site Rules / Peraturan Berforum terlebih dahulu jika anda belum lagi membacanya... selamat berforum dan terima kasih kerana memilih www.samuraisevenbikers.com

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 Sila baca dulu

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PostSubject: Sila baca dulu   Mon Oct 19, 2009 5:38 pm

Selamat Datang/Welcome to www.samuraisevenbikers.com, Malaysian's Biking Forum.

Before you start posting, just a few simple rules to keep things on track...


1.1.Everybody is welcome here. It's not just a site for superbikes' owners, but a place for superbikes' fan and enthusiasts to meet, share and have fun together. It's from diversity that we grow and live so this site is open to all.


2.1.Only Malay and English's language are allowed to be used in this forum. Speaks in the language (Malay or English only) you are fluent with and others could understand you.


3.1 Signature/Avatar bearing your clear picture of your face is a MUST! This is to avoid irresponsible posting by anonymous members. It also help you to recognise each other when you met outside this forum.


4.1. Advertisers, retail sellers, people who derive income from selling products or services to people ARE PROHIBITED from advertising and/or selling any products without the written permission of the Site Owner. All unapproved advertising will be deleted without notice. Contact the Administrator if you have an interest in sponsoring the website.


5.1.Nudity / porn / overly suggestives pictures, vulgar words etc. are STRICTLY PROHIBITED

5.2.Blatant racism, harassment, vulgar flaming, etc. will not be tolerated and posts may be edited without notice.

5.3.Theft and dishonesty will be exposed at every possible opportunity. Do not attempt to steal from our members. We are connected to the motorcycling world on many levels and will not tolerate thieves in our midst.

5.4.Do not post information that people could use in a manner you do not wish.

5.5.Use Private Message if you want to have speak directly to another member. Do not use Private Message to harass another member.

5.6.Introduction thread will be closed upon the expiration of 30 days from from the date it is first started.No prior notice will be given to the thread starter.


61. Failure to observe the above rules and regulation will resulted in your membership temporarily suspended for 15 days and if the same breach occurred, your membership will be suspended for a longer period according the the Administrator's sole discretion

Lastly, enjoy your time here. You'll find the members a diversified group of people, many of whom have known each other for years. Ride well and keep the rubber side down.

Welcome and enjoy!

mexican wave
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Sila baca dulu
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